day 47

Marathon Sunday!

We had a really great week last week.  Lost of sunny blue skies and cool temps.  Today (Sunday) was pretty lousy though.  I didn't realize it, as the city is quite big, but there was a marathon run in the city today.  I saw lots of footage on tv of people running with masks on.  I could barely keep mine on for 10 minutes...can't imagine trying to run 26.2 miles with one on!

Yesterday was spent shopping and familiarizing ourselves with the local art store options....look for that post later this week.

Meanwhile, today, I just walked down to that shopping center down the street, Sanlitun.  Nothing too exciting...but there is always something to look at.  I am still very much aware of the fact that things here are very different.  And that I am very different looking to many of the people on the street.  When I'm out walking, and happen to walk past someone of "western" descent, I often find myself wanting to make eye contact with them and thinking that we should have some sort of bonding moment where we acknowledge each other and offer suggestions as to how to feel most comfortable here!

Just a few photos of things I saw today that I found interesting:

the best news of the day is that there WILL be a Halloween in Beijing!  I was concerned that I wasn't going to be able to find any 'real' Halloween candy here....but I tried a new grocery store today and found some snickers as some peanut butter cups!  YAHOO!